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"Chuck, Thank you for making our campus a safe place for all students and for putting in extra effort to know the real story behind students. You truly make your job more than ​just supervising, you go the extra mile and your dedication is both admired and greatly appreciated." (unknown student)

"Thank you Chuck for taking the time to share with our students. We really enjoy listening to your stories and loved seeing what auntie made for you. I really appreciate that you look out for our guys! Thank you again! Pau Hana, Gabrielle."

"Dear Chuck, Thank you for all the guidance, life lessons and evidence you've given me since I have been here. I really appreciate you not judging me before you met me, you've been a big help. I appreciate you..... Thank You" (unknown student)

"Thank you Chuck, you are an truly amazing person and I hope no one ever tells you different. You are such a happy person and kind and really care for the students in this school. I appreciate all you have done for me and the school. Love SL" (student)

"Chuck, Thank you for coming to our first recognition dinner. We are so grateful to call you a part of our wildcat family. Thank you for everything you do for this campus, this school, and us. Lots of love, Link crew"

"Chuck, Thank you for keeping this school a nice place to be. It means more than you may think to the students of Will C. Wood H.S. I love that you are so funny and love to joke around. It really brightens up the school. Pat"

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